Vertical Machining
  • Our production vertical machining department contains 4 HAAS CNC mills. Our VF0, VF2 and VF4 model vertical machining centers provide a wide variety of machining capabilities.
  • This combination of mills gives our milling department the flexibility to handle both large volume jobs with fast, efficient cycle times and close tolerance jobs with precise, consistent, reliable results.

  • Capabilities and Features
  • Tables sizes up to 50 by 26 inches.
  • Automatic pallete changer provides high volume machining capablities
  • Rapid speeds for efficient cycle times
  • Large tool carosels with fast tool changes means complex parts can be done quicker
  • Extensive CAD/CAM experience enables us to produce nearly any part from customer drawings.

  • Quality Control and Tool Management
  • Our Zoller tool presetter allows for fully automatic measuring and inspection of each tool used by the milling and lathe departments.
  • Automatic tool measuring ensures precise machining even on high volume jobs requiring frequent tool changes.
  • Tools can be measured and prestaged enabling quick and accurate machine setups reducing non-productive downtime and reducing overall costs.

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