Horizontal Lathes
  • Our production turning department contains 4 chucking lathes and 4 barfeed lathes.
  • Many simple production jobs can be accomplished using the conventional CNC chucking lathes with secondary operations done at the worksite.
  • For more complicated parts, the barfeed lathes have multi-axis live tooling capabilites, producing finished parts on each cycle.

  • 24/7 Production Capability
  • Automatic bar feed operation allows for lights out machining 24/7.
  • Alarm notification can alert operators at home when a customer's time critical job has stopped production.
  • Live tooling in addition to multi axis machining ensures that even the most complex part can be produced in one operation at high volumes.

  • Emco 425 Twin Turret
  • The Emco Turn 425 is really two machines in one. Two main spindles, two counter-spindles, and two tool systems allows machining two parts at the same time in each cycle.
  • However you look at it, doubling production rates or cutting runtimes in half, its twice the output of a conventional CNC lathe.
  • With two indepent bar loaders for each spindle, the Emco 425 is the ideal machine for even the most demanding production schedule.

  • Emco 365 Gantry Robotic Loader
  • The Emco Turn 365 comes equipped with a robot gantry loader that automatically loads and unloads the machine.
  • Finished parts can be placed on a rotating carousel where they can be checked for tolerances or reloaded into the machine for furthur operations.
  • Loading parts from the gantry enables complex secondary lathe operations to be performed on parts automatically.
  • The addition of a magazine bar loader gives the capacity for high volume production machining .

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