CAD/CAM Capabilities
  • Capable of reading and writing any 2D or 3D drawing format.
  • Convert hand sketched, printed or digital 2D drawings into 3D models.
  • Generate proof-of-concept computer models for complicated assemblies.
  • Reverse engineer physical parts into a computer 3D model ready for production.
  • Convert 3D CAD drawings into CNC machine code with state of the art CAM software.

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    Custom Controller Design
  • Capable of designing and building custom controllers and automated machines to meet the customers application.
  • Can design and build custom circuit boards utilizing state of the art embedded microcontroller technology.
  • Can program PLC based controls for proven industrial strength reliability. PLC based controllers can be expanded to control and monitor virtually an unlimited number of system parameters.
  • Can add automation to any manual process to increase productivity, reliability, safety and reduce cost.
  • Can integrate custom or existing controls with PC based monitoring and data collection. Add a remote web based monitoring interface to any machine or control.

  • Custom Application Programming
  • Our experienced programmers can develop a custom solution to meet any computing need.
  • Experienced in database integration, distributed web applications, remote data entry and retrieval, machine networking and interfacing, custom parametric CNC-code generation, and job shop management and control
  • Windows or Linux, Java or .NET, client based or server based. We can generate an application that meets and exceeds the requirements of any project.
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