Equipment List / Capabilities
CNC Machines
  • (3) Conventional 2 axis CNC turning centers up to 15" in diameter and 24" long.

  • (4) Multi-tasking 4 axis CNC turning/milling centers with X,Y,Z, and full C Axis capabilities equipped with bar feeders and unloading systems. One machine uses a gantry pallet system with the magazine bar loader. Two of the four are multi-spindle. Capable of up to 15" in diameter and 24" in length.

  • (1) Swiss style, sliding headstock, 20mm capacity and 7 axis turning with 12' magazine barfeeder.

  • (2) Automatic Bandsaws with up to 12" round capacity.

  • (1) CNC equipped 3 axis vertical mill with 36" x 12" table capacity.

  • (4) Vertical Machining Centers, 4 axis, with up to 50" x 26" table capacity and a dual pallet change system.

  • Conventional manual equipment including, lathe, vertical mill with DRO, and surface grinder.

  • Lasertube Processing
  • Adige LT712D Tube laser with maximum capacity of 152mm diameter.

  • Integrated CAD/CAM for full programmability, fast setup times, and increased productivity.

  • Assembly Services
  • Tig, Mig, Gas & Electric Arc welding facilities

  • Silver & Soft Soldering

  • Custom robotic rotary welder

  • Beadblasting, media finishing, pressure testing

  • Mechanical assembly facility

  • Engineering Services
  • CAD/CAM System reading any file format (DXF,IGES,DWG,SAT,PAR etc.).

  • Custom controller design: PLC, circuit boards, and PC based data collection. Design, construction, and implementation of automated controllers and processes.

  • Custom application programming in Java, C#, C++, and .NET for client or server based requirements. Windows and Linux environments.

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