LT712D Capabilities
The BLM Adige Tube Laser System LT712D is a multi-axis, fully automated system that allows for quick set-up and high speed, precise operation on wide variety of tube shapes and sizes.

By consolidating as many as six manufacturing steps into a single operation the LT712D laser tube cutting system is revolutionizing the tube fabrication process. Removing seperate operations such as sawing, punching, drilling, notching, machining and deburring leads to substantially lower costs for our customers.

Also to be considered are innovative new design possibilities that are not possible with conventional tube processing equipment. These new design options can lead to even further savings in more efficient down stream processes such as assembly and welding.

LT712D Features

  • CNC programmable adjustments
  • 2.5kW, 24’ in-feed, 14’ out-feed
  • 24/7 Production
  • Tube profile of up to 6”
  • Automated load and unload system includes automatic bar handling from bundle including measuring, feeding, cutting and unloading
  • Stainless Steel up to 0.188 Thickness
  • Mild Steel up to 0.375 Thickness
  • Aluminum up to 0.125 Thickness
  • Advanced part nesting minimizes bar waste

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