Advanced Cutting and Slotting Capabilities
The advanced cutting and slotting capabilities of the LT712D laser tube cutting system allow as many as six manufacturing steps to be combined into a single operation. Removing seperate operations results in higher part quality and feature accuracy, shorter lead times, immediate implementation of design changes and lower overall cost.

  • Consistently cut parts to length holding close tolerances.
  • Cut multple part lengths from the same bar
  • Easily cuts virtually any shape of tube without special fixturing
  • Cut any shape opening in tube sidewall
  • Cut complex shapes around corners or in round tube walls
  • Does not require special dies or extra machining cost for prototyping
  • Drilling
  • Drill close tolerance holes as small as 1/2 to 2/3 of the tube wall thickness
  • Accurately align holes acrossed opposing walls
  • Cut any number of hole sizes in the same part without any tool changes
  • Cut any profile in tube ends
  • Cut any shaped tube to sharp acute angles
  • Cut bar ends with radius, notches or tabs for special joints or self fixturing
  • Machining
  • Cut complex features in materials up to .375 inches thick
  • Slots can be cut across sidewalls and edges as small as .080 inches wide
  • Remove any amount of material without additional tooling costs
  • Laser cutting generates virtually no burr at cut edges
  • Reduces 'non value added" postprocessing labor
  • Finished parts are immediately ready for welding or assembly

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