CAD/CAM Design Solutions
MG Products, Inc is committed to excellence in tubular part design. Our powerful CAD/CAM software is specifically designed for rapid prototyping of complex parts and allows our manufacturing engineers to go from a new part drawing to a finished prototype part in hand in under 15 minutes.

Completely eliminating the cost and leadtime penalties associated with hard tooling while dramatically reducing the cost of last minute design changes along the way. Our excellent prototyping systems dramatically reduce time to market while adding value to our customer's product.

Single Component Design
  • Using customer supplied drawings or written specifications we can produce a precise 3D model of the desired part.
  • With 3D parametric software we design and generate the machine part program
  • During this process the most cost effective cutting parameters are automatically chosen.
  • Additionally alternative cutting strategies can be selected to obtain the desired cycle time, finish quality or dimensional precision.

  • Complex Structure and Frame Design
  • In addition to individual components, we can use 3D parametric software to design tubular frames or complex structural elements including the final automatic generation of part programs for each component of the frame
  • The addition of self locating features such as slots and tabs or hooks in mating pieces can allow a complete assembly to be snapped together

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